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Loan Unit, How Xiaomi Pampers After Sales Service Users

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Xiaomi, a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing technology company that focuses on smartphones, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to support lifestyles, announced a Loan Unit service or loan units for users to repair their smartphones at the Exclusive Service Center.

This service is a form of Xiaomi’s way of pampering users so that they can continue their activities as long as their smartphones are repaired. Loan Unit is the latest service from Xiaomi in providing loan smartphones that can be used temporarily while waiting for repairs to be completed at the service center.

This service is offered if a technician from the Exclusive Service Center (ESC) decides that the repair cannot be completed on the same day. However, one thing that users or consumers must know, the type of smartphone that is loaned depends on the availability at the ESC.

The loan smartphone is returned when the user picks up the smartphone that has been repaired. This service is currently only available at 50 ESCs spread throughout Indonesia. Xiaomi currently has the best after sales service coverage in Indonesia with 150+ service centers spread across various cities.

Some Xiaomi Stores and Xiaomi Shops have also recently received units for repair, bringing the service point coverage to more than 400 places. Questions related to this service can be submitted to the hotline number which can be accessed at 0800-1401558.

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