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Lively with the game of light, the nominees for FFI 2021 have been announced

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Exactly at 19.30 WIB on October 10, 2021. The Committee for the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) finally officially
officially announced the list of nominees for the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival.

Located at Dome Park Senayan and broadcast live online via the VIDIO application, the four 2021 FFI ambassadors: Tissa Biani, Jefri Nichol, Angga Yunanda, and Prilly Latuconsina, read out the 22 nominations for the 2021 FFI Citra Cup award category.

However, the atmosphere that night was also enlivened by the play of light, so that the atmosphere looked very grand and was successfully displayed to the viewers who watched it online.

The list of nominations is the result of selection and judging conducted by 54 Nominating Judges representing the film profession associations, consisting of 45 Nominating Judges for the Feature Feature Film category and 9 Nominating Judges for the Non-Long Story Film category. They have been working from September 15 to October 5, 2021.

The Head of the FFI 2021 Judging Division, Garin Nugroho, in his speech said that this year’s judging system was carried out on three important aspects, namely:

  1. Respect for film professional organizations with a basic judging process carried out through film professional associations,
  2. The final judging system to choose the best winner uses a jury system that has previously been carried out by FFI, and
  3. Wider public participation for the category of film criticism and the category of the audience’s favorite films, actors, and actresses.

Garin Nugroho also added, “The judging process up to the stage of determining the nominations goes through several layers. For the Long Story Film category, the short list of 22 films was determined by judging by 15 professional associations and the nomination was determined by three representatives of professional associations through voting and discussion. Up to this stage of nomination, the Judging Committee was enthusiastic and satisfied with the results obtained through the presence of a variety of themes, genres, visuals, as well as the emergence of new names. This illustrates the stretch of Indonesian film actors who continue to grow diverse even in the era of the pandemic
not easy.”

The process of determining the nominations for the Non-Featured Film category and the Film Critic category has also been carried out very well by the judges representing professional associations who are experts in their respective fields. Readings on the theme and its relevance to the current situation to technical quality are discussed at length.

The entire judging process is purely carried out by the judges who are selected and witnessed and supervised by the Judging Committee and Public Accountants. The credibility and hard work shown by the professional associations and the judges of the FFI nominations show the professionalism, stretch, and spirit of the revival of the national film industry in each of them.
each profession. A spirit that grows each other for the Indonesian film ecosystem.

In addition, the 2021 FFI Standing Committee has also selected 15 members of the Final Jury, which is filled with professionals and experts from various professional backgrounds who represent the Indonesian film ecosystem from various generations. They are selected based on recommendations or suggestions from each film professional association and also input from the audience
film man.

The Final Jury will carry out its duties until early November 2021 to determine the winners of 17 award categories.

For the category of Non-Length Story Films (short story films, feature-length documentaries, short documentaries, feature-length animated films, and short animated films) and Critics

Film, related film profession associations have also appointed three people each who will serve as the Final Jury to determine the winner of each award category.

Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikburistek), Hilmar Farid Congratulations to the works that passed the selection. The implementation of FFI is an effort by the government together with filmmakers to preserve the nation’s cultural values, local wisdom, and
nation building through films. FFI is also the highest award event for the Indonesian film industry, which has been held since 1955 which serves as a benchmark for achievement, appreciation, and promotion of Indonesian films.

“The 2021 FFI is the second year that it will be held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the Indonesian film industry is still struggling to produce its best works under limited circumstances. Through FFI, we can also introduce and promote our films to the world, even if it is possible to make big studios interested in the films we have, so it is important for us to continue to hold the Indonesian Film Festival, “explained Hilmar.

Hilmar added, that’s why this year’s FFI theme is a reflection of the spirit of the Indonesian filmmakers, namely the theme “History of Film and New Media” with the sub-theme “Changing Time, Changing the Taste of Indonesian Films”. It is hoped that this theme can be the basis for igniting enthusiasm and appreciation for Indonesian films in producing new works with technology.

“Kemendikbudristek fully supports the implementation of FFI 2021 by giving awards to filmmakers for the best films in each category so that they can strengthen the domestic film industry and as an event to promote Indonesian films internationally. This is also a step in advancing culture
we go through the film,” concluded Hilmar.

The Citra Award Night for the Indonesian Film Festival will be held on November 10, 2021, which coincides with Hero’s Day and will be broadcast live online through the YouTube account of the Indonesian Film Festival, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, and My Culture.


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