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Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely Ready to Air December 2, 2021

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The “Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely” journey around the world will now land in Indonesia. Through the announcement of the latest trailer and poster, the fifth Edwin film will greet Indonesian cinema audiences on December 2, 2021.

The film, starring Marthino Lio and Ladya Cheryl, received a 17+ rating from the Film Censorship Institute, however Palari Films recommends this film for 18+ Adults only.

After winning the Golden Leopard grand prize at the Locarno Film Festival, the film visited the Toronto International Film Festival, and continued to tour film festivals in Hamburg, Busan, London, Zagreb, Austria, Valladolid, Tokyo, São Paulo, Cairo, and many more.

Before returning home to Indonesia, “Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely” was asked to open the Singapore International Film Festival on November 25, 2021

In addition, Edwin will also hold a discussion session with the Singaporean director, Yeo Siew Hua, who also won the Golden Leopard for his film.

Longing Must Be Paid Completely

Along the way, the praises of various foreign media scattered. Daniel Kasman from Mubi said, “Two leads, Marthino Lio and Ladya Cheryl, who meet-cute by brawling at a construction site for several exuberantly unbroken minutes, are easefully charismatic and instantly iconic“.

Meanwhile, film critic Jay Weissberg from Variety wrote “An ode to Southeast Asian action films of the 1980s designed as a critique of toxic masculinity, leavened with winking humor”.

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Meanwhile, from Indonesia, the YouTube channel Cinecrib, which had the opportunity to watch “Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Completely Paid” at the Toronto International Film Festival, declared Edwin’s latest film as the “most violent Indonesian film this year”.

Most recently, Director of Photography Akiko Ashizawa won Best Cinematography at the Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival 2021. Akiko is also being nominated at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for the Achievement in Cinematography category.

Not only releasing the Indonesian version of the trailer and poster, Palari Films will also soon release the theme song “Bangun, Bajingan” performed by Ananda Badudu ft. Rubina in collaboration with Lie Indra Perkasa & Dave Lumenta.

Directed by Edwin, “Like Dendam, Rindu Must Be Paid Completely” takes place in the late 80’s to 90’s telling the story of Ajo Kawir, a hero who is not afraid to die. His great desire to fight is fueled by a secret — he is impotent. In a society controlled by machismo and patriarchy, the “bird” that cannot wake up becomes a serious problem. When faced with a formidable female fighter named Iteung, Ajo is beaten and turned upside down — he falls in love. Will Ajo live a happy life with Iteung and, in the end, make peace with him?

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