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Like a Greek Goddess, Peek at Taeyeon’s Makeup Style in the MV “INVU”

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Girl group leader SNSD, Taeyeon, just now comeback with INVU Album on Valentine’s Day yesterday. In the MV, Taeyeon carries a utopian theme that seems to be related to Kwangya, an imaginary world created by Lee Sooman, CEO of SM Entertainment.

To support the concept, Taeyeon appeared with outfit and make-up charming like the gods in Greek mythology. Come on, take a peek make-up Taeyeon’s utopia!

Elegant like the goddess Aphrodite

Like a Greek Goddess, Take a Peek at Taeyeon's Makeup Style in MV

makeup look Taeyeon first seen flawless and very elegant. Flawless complexion and eye makeup that ‘talks’ as if to make her appearance perfect. Both of his eyes look bigger with garnit green contact lenses and outward appearance eyeliner black that filled her eyelids. Not to forget, the small sequins spread at the corners of the eyes successfully add to the glamorous impression.

Not to forget, this makeup is also more perfect with pearl-shaped decorations teardrop successful to give a dramatic impression. Then, to see fresh, sheer lip tint colored peachy nude also an option. do not miss, fake crystal nails and that hairstyle on point also make total lookit becomes more and more charming. Stunning!

Glitter with Glitter Eyeshadow

Like a Greek Goddess, Take a Peek at Taeyeon's Makeup Style in MV

The second appearance of Taeyeon is no less charming. It uses glitter eyeshadow silver along the eye line. makeup look it stands out because it contrasts with eyeliner black that adorned his eyes. Sedankan for the lips, lipstick coverage deep burgundy so the choice to make an impression bold.

Luxury with Embellished Eye

Like a Greek Goddess, Take a Peek at Taeyeon's Makeup Style in MV

For the third view, Make-up Artist Taeyeon still focuses on the eyes in style embellished eyes. After brushing lightly brown eyeshadow and glitter, Taeyeon’s eyelids are decorated with sequins and crystal dots along her eye line. For the lips, the appearance of lipstick nude with a white line to the chin successfully makes Taeyeon’s style even more stunning.

Matching Through Monochromatic Makeup

Like a Greek Goddess, Take a Peek at Taeyeon's Makeup Style in MV INVU/

Taeyeon’s last look is more revealing monochromatic makeup. Monochromatic makeup itself is an art of matching colors that are worn on the eye and lip area, sometimes also using blush of the same color as well. Here, the MUA mostly uses black and gray, in line with outfit and hairstyle Taeyeon is also dominated by this color.

How beautiful and stunning is Taeyeon’s appearance in this INVU MV. look which one is your favourite, Bela?

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