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Let’s get acquainted with the beautiful Sasha Luss through her Instagram!

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Everyone will fall in love with this Russian woman’s photo caption.

Most models have almost the same way when uploading photos on their personal Instagram. Pose selfiethen include hashtags #selfie, when they are exercising, these models will post it hashtags #workout. All photos look flawlessly beautiful. But you have to start following the Instagram account of Sasha Luss who is a model from Russia who has crossed the line at Chanel, Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Derek Lam fashion shows.

Sasha Luss, this blue eyed 23 year old model has 150K followers on account @sashaluss. This woman always talks about her personal life. He tells stories through songs, poetry, and even quote which can excite his Instagram followers. For example, he shared his desire not to give up when he was in a phooshoot on a double-decker bus, “That’s life (that’s life), I tell you, I can’t deny it, I thought of quitting, baby But my heart just ain’t gonna buy it ‘And if I didn’t think it was worth one single try, I ‘d jump right on a big bird and then I’d fly…”

Come on, get to know the beautiful Sasha Luss through her Instagram!

Expressing thoughts is arguably very rarely done by models or public figures via social media. Not only does he express what he is thinking, he combines his abilities when stringing words together. Besides, the style of dress off runway which sophisticated can be an inspiration you know, Bela! Besides personal thoughtSasha also wrote caption on the photo in an abstract way. He could have written the lyrics to anything from Hozier to Counting Crows, and quote from popular movies like The Devil Wears Prada (Yeah! We all love it!).

One more thing that makes Popbela fall in love with him is, Sasha does not hesitate to show a big smile. He also dares to show the world that he is happy with himself and the moment he has experienced. Don’t forget to follow Sasha and Popbela, okay?

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