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Let It Be Thin, But This Sweater Can Give A ‘Warm Hug’

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Sweater with warming technology.

Living in a tropical country makes our style of dress a little limited. It must be admitted that those who dare to be different from the collections winter and wearing it under the hot sun… is a fashionista total! But as a ‘human fashion‘ capable of adapting, not limited by the weather, brave mix n matchthe solution is always there.

This time Popbela will no longer discuss about How to Wear Sweaters for those of you who live in a tropical country, but about how a product is fashion which is able to provide a function while still keeping you cool when worn.

Well, is Heattech, the latest retail product from Japan, Uniqlo. Warm clothes made of this thin can not be underestimated. Behind the impression of a vulnerable material, there is a technology that can make the wearer feel super comfortable, whether worn during hot or cold weather. Very flexible.

Heattech itself does use a technology called Toray, a thread that is able to lock in moisture, then turn it into a warm source. This innovation also presents three types of Heattech collections that can be tailored to the needs. Heattech Regular, which you can wear everyday, is made of soft material, suitable for tropical countries or countries with four seasons. Heattech Extra Warm, which is able to provide a warm feeling over Heattech Regular, is suitable to be worn during the rainy season. While Heattech Ultra Warm, you can use it if you want traveling to the snowy countries.

Let It Be Thin, But This Sweater Can Give A 'Warm Hug'

Wearing the Heattech collection from Uniqlo is fairly easy. Don’t need much layering again – Popbela’s favorite is Heattech manifold turtleneck. And as inner wear For your clothes, Heattech material is also very comfortable, dries quickly, and of course stays stylish. As items which basicHeattech can be a collection sweater which is able to give an instant ‘warm hug’.

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