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Leonardo DiCaprio’s comments on the scene in Don’t Look Up

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Don’t Look Up is the latest film from Netflix which tells the story of a comet that will hit the earth within six months of being carefully studied by two astronomers. This then prompted them to go on a media tour to warn humanity.

Regarding his role as a scientist in this film, Leonardo DiCaprio also said that basically Adam McKay wanted to tell about the climate crisis in the world. But to give a sense of urgency that feels more appropriate for the audience to feel, so Adam also makes it about a comet that will hit the earth in six months and how science has been politicized.

She has been waiting for a film like this for a long time and feels she can contribute something to make a difference to the current climate crisis. He acted as a climate scientist through the side of an astronomer and Adam made it all come together in a language the audience could understand.

In many scenes , he and Adam try to imagine how someone sits on a pulpit and tells a truth, for which it takes about 50 trials to create a script for a speech.

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Adam McKay further said that when talking about the climate crisis, this is an extraordinary thing and arguably the biggest threat to life in human history. This film is made in the comedy genre, so that the audience can feel the sadness and loss, but still in the context of humor.

Leonardo himself appears as the character Dr. The not-so-positive Randall Mindy, while on the stand. According to Adam, this is one of the scenes that he really likes because in reality, there are a lot of things that happen in the media environment along with a lot of money circulating related to advertisements and applications. It was further stated that what Leonardo did with the speech was simply amazing. He tirelessly went back and forth working on the speech until it felt very appropriate at that time, and finally when it was finished, relief was felt by all.

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Don't look up

What kind of speech do you mean? Don’t miss Don’t Look Up, set to premiere on December 24, 2021 on Netflix.

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