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Legit, MotoGP admits Mandalika is the most beautiful circuit in the world!

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Saturday, 12 February 2022 – 14:10 WIB

VIVA – MotoGP Indonesia will be held in Mandalika, Lombok in March 2022. However, the warm-up has been carried out by the teams by holding a pre-season test at the new circuit of the pride of the homeland.

Since the beginning of the week the drivers and teams have arrived. Just last Friday, February 11, 2022, Marc Marquez and 23 other racers had the opportunity to try out the asphalt on the Mandalika track.

In the first test, the racers had problems appearing on the track. They even had time to stop the activity after the committee raised a red flag because the track was considered too dirty.

Despite experiencing disturbances on the first day, but it did not make the drivers disappointed. Most of them give a good response to the circuit.

Even the MotoGP now legally recognizes Mandalika as the most beautiful circuit in the world. They wrote that through their official social media accounts.

“Amazing place! The Mandalika Circuit is the most beautiful circuit in the world,” tweeted the official MotoGP account on Twitter.

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