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Lee Yoo Mi All Of Us Are Dead Star Says He’s Happy To Get So Many Negative Comments |

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Lee Yoo Mi – After successfully playing in the drama Squid GamesLee Yoo Mi’s acting in the series All of Us Are Dead also caught the public’s attention.

In a joint interview Hankook lbo recently, Lee Yoo Mi talked about her roles in the two popular series.

In stark contrast to his character who is willing to sacrifice in Squid Gamesprecisely in All of Us Are DeadLee Yoo Mi is being mean.

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Lee Yoo Mi managed to anger the audience for her role as the selfish and elitist Nayeon.

“I honestly thought while acting that Nayeon and I were very different,” said Lee Yoo Mi as quoted from soompiMonday (21/2/2022).

“But I had fun thinking of ideas how (to play the character) was different while filming,” continued Lee Yoo Mi.

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Lee Yo Mi herself admitted that she did not expect to be trusted to play the character Nayeon.

In fact, he felt he made a mistake during the audition.

“So I asked the director why I got the role and he (the director) told me that he had seen my past work and said ‘I entrust it to you’,” said Lee Yoo Mi.

Because he has been trusted by the director, he also worked hard during filming to portray the character Nayeon.

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However, behind the success of her acting as Nayeon, she got a lot of bad comments from netizens.

“I’m the type of person who, if I’m curious, will read all (comments) in one sitting,” said Lee Yoo Mi.

Despite the bad comments, Lee Yoo Mi was not hurt. On the other hand, Yoo Mi is happy.

Because the acting he played was conveyed to the audience well.

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“I’m not hurt (see comments haters). I even feel happy when I’m hated. Because I thought (getting bad comments) meant I did a good job with acting and portraying[my character’s]emotions,” said Yoo Mi.

“It might sound evil that I feel happy, but there is a certain joy in how it makes me feel, like I can look back on my own acting and find peace,” continued Yoo Mi.

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Lastly, he never expected the drama he played would always explode.

He just tried his best to portray the character he played.

“I never thought that (one of the dramas in which he was cast) would definitely become a hit. (However) I feel happy (when the drama or series I play becomes popular). I’m very lucky,” said Yoo Mi.

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