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Lee Jong Suk’s Ideal Type of Woman Leaks, Ready for Course to be the Ideal Husband

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PeekCeleb – As a popular actor who has a myriad of charms, the public is certainly curious about Lee Jong Suk’s life, one of which is related to his love story.

Recently, Lee Jong Suk reluctantly revealed his plans to get married, as well as mentioned his ideal type of woman. In fact, the 33-year-old actor also wants to take a course to become a dream husband. Curious as to what the narrative from him? Read on in full.

Lee Jong Suk Wants To Be A Husband


Photo: ELLE Korea

In his recent interview with ELLE magazine, Lee Jong Suk surprised fans by revealing his unexpected desire. The man who started his career as a model admits that he intends to take classes as a husband if he has free time.

“I’m now at an age where marriage is no longer a strange thing, so I want to prepare myself by taking husband’s classes if I get a chance to rest for a long time,said Lee Jong Suk, quoted from KoreabooFebruary 23, 2022.

Lee Jong Suk said that he had always dreamed of a harmonious family for a long time. In addition, he also wants to treat his future wife well.

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