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Launched in Europe and Asia Mola Uniforms Prices

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Effective 29 October 2021, Mola’s services will be accessible in the UK, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore.

Simultaneously with the opening of international services, Mola also imposes a uniform price to USD 8 or IDR 110,000 per month.

For Indonesian customers, Mola still provides special prices for subscription terms per 3, 6 or 12 months where the monthly subscription fee is around IDR 50,000 per month so that it remains affordable for Indonesian customers.

Mola’s launch in several countries will be preceded by a gala premiere of Mola’s original film “Quagliarella, The Untold Story” on October 25, 2021 in Genoa, Italy and followed by the Mola Chill Festival London concert on October 29, 2021 featuring artists foreign countries, including King Of Convenience, Joy Crookes, Wheezer and also Elephant Kind from Indonesia.

Mola’s representative Mirwan Suwarso said, “Mola’s presence in the UK and Italy is a new barometer of the quality of service that will be presented by Mola. Apart from Hollywood and European premium shows, Mola is now getting serious about working on new shows to be consumed and marketed all over the world. The film “Quagliarella, The Untold Story” is our first feature film to be released across Europe, and not only on the Mola platform. But after that, we have many other events that are also being worked on for foreign markets.”

“Currently, apart from being the holder of the English League broadcasting rights, Mola has collaborated in several countries with the UFC, Bellator, Eredivisie, and several other sports broadcasting rights owners. In the entertainment sector, Mola also collaborates with Studio 101, MGM and several other studios to present international quality shows,” added Mirwan.

All Mola shows can be watched through the Mola mobile application, the website or the Mola Smart TV application.

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