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Latest Korean Drama The Devil Judge

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The Devil Judge is a Korean drama that airs on the television station tvN. The drama received a good response by telling the story of a judge who turns a court into a reality show to punish criminals without mercy.

This year, a number of the cast returned to greet their fans through various interesting projects. For those of you who are curious, let’s take a peek at the latest projects from the players The Devil Judge below this!

1. Ji Sung will show his stunning acting in the drama adamas by playing twins

13 Latest Korean Dramas Starring The Devil Judge Jisung (

2. Park Jin Young will act with Kim Go Eun to continue the story Yumi’s Cells in season two

13 Latest Korean Dramas Starring The Devil Judge Park Jin Young (

3. Park Gyu Young was cast for the main role in the drama Celebrity as a rich and highly educated woman

13 Latest Korean Dramas Starring The Devil Judge Park Gyu Young (

4. Kim Jae Kyung will act in a drama Again My life adapted from the novel of the same name by Lee Hae Nal

5. The Speed ​​Going to You 493km carries the sports genre. This drama is enlivened by Lee Seo Hwan and Moon Dong Hyeok

6. Seo Woo Jin joins in ‘Sponsor’, MBN’s drama release directed by Kwak Ki Won

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7. Lee Hwa Ryong successfully enlivened the drama Snowdrop which raises the story of North Korean spies

8. Moon Dong Hyeok also joined Through the Darkness by making a special appearance

9. Rookie Cops presents the life of a new student of Police University. This drama stars Chun Young Min and Hong Seo Jun

10. Yoon Da Kyung is involved in drama Ghost Doctor by playing the mother figure of Kim Bum

11. Seo Woo Jin also enlivened the drama Young Lady and Gentleman as Ji Hyun Woo’s son

12. Lee Hwa Ryong also participated in Bad and Crazya drama centered on a cop with multiple personalities

13. Baek Hyun Jin again makes viewers emotional in drama The One and Only

The thirteen Korean dramas above are the projects of the cast The Devil Judge worked on this year. For those of you who miss their acting, don’t forget to watch the latest drama. Happy Watching!

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