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Latest Korean Drama The Cast of 49 Days

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49 Days is a popular Korean drama that aired on SBS in 2011. The drama presents the story of a woman who gets into an accident. Having not yet been scheduled to die, he is given the opportunity to live his life again if he is able to gather three sincere tears.

Eleven years passed, it turned out that a number of the cast 49 Days will greet his fans through various interesting projects. For those of you who are curious, let’s take a peek at the cast’s latest project 49 Days below this!

1. Lee Yo Won greets his fans again through drama Green Mothers’ Club as the main character

2. Seo Ji Hye is described as a person who can see into the future if her lips touch someone else’s Kiss Sixth Sense

9 Latest Korean Dramas Starring the Cast of 49 Days Seo Ji Hye (

3. Choi Jung Woo also participated in Juvenile Justicea drama with the theme of juvenile delinquency

4. Bae Geu Rin took on the role of Yoon Hee Seok’s lover in the drama Uncle

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5. The Killer’s Shopping List tells of a murder case near the apartment. The drama starring Moon Hee Kyung

9 Latest Korean Dramas Starring the Cast of 49 Days Moon Hee Kyung (

6. Seo Ji Hye has also joined the drama adamas which is rumored to be airing in the second half of this year

9 Latest Korean Dramas Starring the Cast of 49 Days Seo Ji Hye (

7. Moon Hee Kyung also appeared in No, thank you 2a drama centered on the life of a woman who wants to be the ideal daughter-in-law

8. Now, We Are Breaking Up presents a story of love and separation. The drama was enlivened by Jung Hyun Suk

9. Jo Young Jin was also involved in Through the Darkness, the story of a profiler who tries to read a killer’s mind

The nine Korean dramas above are the projects of the cast 49 Days worked on this year. If you are, who are you most looking forward to acting in in which drama?

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