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Lamhot Tambunan is furious, Hadi is made into porridge

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Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 23:58 WIB

VIVA – Lamhot Tambunan has once again reiterated to his competitors at the One Pride Mixed Martial Arts featherweight that he is still one of the fighters to be reckoned with. That was after he displayed an extraordinary performance when defeating Hadi Purnomo in Fight Night 56.

In a duel broadcast on tvOne, Saturday, February 26, 2022, Hadi immediately ambushed Lamhot and tried to suppress him by bringing him down. However, Lamhot was able to survive and invite Hadi back upstairs.

Lamhot then beat his opponent all out. He mercilessly showered Hadi with punches.

Hadi tried to survive by doing arm bars. Unfortunately, the tactic could be read by Lamhot who quickly withdrew his hand.

Not giving up, Hadi attacked Lamhot with a triangle choke with his foot. But, again the fighter from North Sumatra was able to survive.

Lamhot, who was released from the lock, then mercilessly beat Hadi with ground and pounds. The referee then stopped the duel after seeing Hadi unable to reply to Lamhot’s attack.

This condition automatically makes Lamhot the winner of this duel. He needed 3 minutes 7 seconds to end this match with a win.

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