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LADI Changes Identity After WADA Sanctions Are Revoked

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Friday, February 4, 2022 – 20:15 WIB

VIVA – The Indonesian Anti-Doping Agency (LADI) changed its identity following the lifting of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sanctions. Now, LADI has changed its name to the Indonesia Anti-Doping Organization (IADO).

This was announced in conjunction with Indonesia’s release from WADA sanctions as of February 3, 2022 by Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali, President of NOC Indonesia Raja Sapta Oktohari, Chairman of IADO Musthofa Fauzi, and Secretary General of Central KONI Ade Lukman at a press conference at Wisma Kemenpora, Friday 4 February 2022.

“Now we are free from sanctions. I want to express my gratitude to Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Ministers of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet, Chairman of the Task Force Mr. Oktohari and friends, as well as Mr. Mustafa who is no longer the Chair of LADI but IADO,” said Amali.

Oktohari added, the renewal of the name LADI to IADO could be a new beginning for the Indonesian anti-doping agency to carry out its duties as an independent, professional and modern institution.

“This is a new beginning. Now there is no longer LADI, but IADO. Hopefully, IADO can carry out its duties properly so that WADA sanctions like this don’t happen again,” said Okto.

As is known, the WADA Executive Committee determined that IADO did not comply with the WADA Code on September 14, 2021. This status was effective from October 7, 2021 after IADO did not object to the decision.

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