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Kylie Jenner VS Kylie Minogue! The Dilemma of Fighting for the Name “Kylie”

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Kylie Jenner failed to get a patent for the name Kylie, losing to the big name of a Kylie Minogue. Where Kylie Jenner herself has submitted an application for patent rights to the US Patent and Trademark Office in April 2015. There is no problem if Jenner wants to use her full name, but when she decided to use the name “Kylie”, she was forced to deal with the legal team from Kylie Minogue. .

Kylie Minogue thinks that if Jenner uses the name Kylie, it will cause confusion for consumers between the two Kylies. Plus the image of Kylie Jenner with her various controversies can damage the Kylie Minogue brand name. They also compare, that Kylie Minogue is a well-known international artist, a socially active figure, and a breast cancer activist, who the world already knows by the simple name… ‘Kylie’.

The victory over the name “Kylie” currently goes to the Minogue team. However, according to the Daily Mail, Jenner has appealed this decision.

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