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Kristen Stewart Appoints ‘Prince’ of Same-Sex Marriage, Robert Obsessed

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PeekCeleb – Kristen Stewart has opened up about her same-sex fiancé, Dylan Meyer, and his wedding plans. In fact, Kristen had time to say who would marry her and Dylan.

On a different occasion, Robert Pattinson actually mentioned his ‘excessive’ obsession with something. What’s that? Let’s see the article below!

Wedding plans are getting exposed


Photo : Teen vogue

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Kristen Stewart again touched on her career to her love story. Success playing Princess Diana in the film Spencer, Kristen admits to being very nervous and under pressure. “Right before we started shooting, I was really nervous,” said Kristen Stewart PeekCeleb from Australian Vogue on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Therefore, Kristen Stewart keeps herself busy in research by reading biographies, appearances on television, to photos of Princess Diana. Kristen also practiced Diana’s signature accent for four months with dialect coach William Connacher, who coached Emma Corrin and Elizabeth Debicki for the series. The Crown.

Move on from the stress of playing Princess Diana in movies Spencer, Kristen Stewart has again discussed plans for a same-sex marriage with her fiancé, Dylan Meyer. Wanting to just wear a t-shirt and suit, Kristen even joked that she wanted Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef from the United States, to marry her off to her idol.

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