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KONI Breakthrough Increases Athlete Health Support

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Saturday, February 5, 2022 – 03:10 WIB

VIVA Health is one of the main factors that support the improvement of athletes’ performance on the field. Realizing that this is very important, the Central KONI continues to make breakthroughs in this field.

Recently, the Central KONI Ketum received an audience from one of the health service Start Ups, or Caretaker Home Care. Accompanied by the Deputy Head of Media and Public Relations, Tirto Prima Putra, he received the President Director of Fathoni Asyrof Duata, Responsible Nurse Atika Widyanti, and Fitria Amanda Staff.

The hearing discussed health support in order to improve the quality of sports coaching, especially in the health sector in the country.

“Health support is one of the most positive things for athletes’ fitness readiness, therefore, anyone who has support for it, KONI Pusat is always open to cooperation,” said Marciano Norman.

Furthermore, Marciano hopes that’s presence will be well received. The reason is, efforts to improve national sports achievements must be carried out hand in hand.

“I think this is a very positive thing, related to sports activities spread throughout Indonesia, then also Pelatnas and Pelatda in the regions, then sports activities in all corners of the country,” added Marciano.

The 67-year-old man was also impressed by the program carried out by in which they provide a ball pick-up service so that patients do not have to come to the hospital. “They come where the athlete is, where the athlete who needs medical assistance is,” he said.

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