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Know the Causes of Babies Died in the womb and its prevention

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IPregnant women definitely hope to have a healthy pregnancyseuntil the baby is born into the world safely. However, there are some conditions that make baby died in the womb (stillbirth). Mlet’s know the causeso that it can be prevented and watched out for.

The baby dies in the womb or stillbirth is a condition in which a baby dies in the womb after a pregnancy is over 28 weeks old. In some cases, there are also babies who die during childbirth, but the percentage is small.

Know the Causes of Babies Died in the womb and its prevention - Alodokter

Causes of Babies Died in the womb

No one knows the exact cause of the baby’s death in the womb. However, there are several factors that may increase the risk of occurrence stillbirthamong others:

1. Disturbance placenta

Some cases of infant death in the womb are often associated with the placenta not working properly. The placenta is an organ that transports nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the baby in the womb.

If this organ is disturbed, then the baby’s development can be hampered. This may also be the cause of the baby’s death in the womb.

2. Diseases suffered by pregnant women

Pregnant women who experience certain diseases, such as diabetes that is not well controlled, increase the risk of having the baby die in the womb. In addition, if pregnant women suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure, preeclampsia can occur which can increase the risk of the baby dying in the womb.

3. Infection

The type of infection that most often causes a baby to die in the womb is a bacterial infection. This can happen when pregnant women are infected with bacteria, and do not get proper treatment. These germs can spread from the vagina to the uterus and then infect the baby. This can cause the baby to die in the womb.

4. Birth Defects

Chromosomal disorders can cause birth defects (birth defects), namely the baby’s body structure that is not normal or has severe defects. This can also increase the risk of stillbirth. In addition to chromosomal disorders, birth defects can also be caused by environmental and genetic factors, for example due to marriage between cousins.

5. The baby is entangled in the umbilical cord

In addition to the conditions above, there are other factors that can increase the risk of experiencing stillbirth, namely the umbilical cord that is wrapped or twisted around the baby’s neck. This condition can block the flow of oxygen to the baby and increase the risk stillbirth.

Efforts to Prevent Baby Dies in the womb

There are several ways to prevent a baby from dying in the womb that is important for pregnant women to know, namely:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy foods with balanced nutrition, free from cigarette smoke and alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.
  • Make sure pregnant women have an ideal weight before planning a pregnancy.
  • Pay attention to the movement of the baby in the womb, which usually begins to be felt at the 26th to 28th week of pregnancy. Record how often the baby moves each day. Knowing the rhythm of the baby’s movements can help detect if suddenly the baby in the womb is not moving as actively as usual.
  • Regularly check with the gynecologist. Tell the doctor all the complaints that pregnant women are experiencing, so that the doctor can help and provide safe and appropriate handling and treatment.

The various causes of infant death in the womb above need to be detected early in pregnancy, or even when planning a pregnancy, so that fetal death can be prevented. Therefore, do regular checkups to the doctor to monitor the condition of the pregnancy and fetus.

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