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Kim Tae Ri Fencing Practices 6 Months For Twenty Five Twenty One

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Twenty Five Twenty One tells a story about a fencer by taking the setting in 1998. Kim Tae Ri made special preparations to play the figure of Na Hee Do.

At a press conference recently, Kim Tae Ri talked about the preparations he made before filming. Acting as a fencer, he spends 5-6 months undergoing training.

“I practiced fencing for 5-6 months before filming because Hee Do is a national fencer. I even wrote a journal to record my experiences, and the journal was used as a property in Twenty Five Twenty One,” said Kim Tae Ri.

“One of the things that really grabs attention is the growth of teenagers and their passion for welcoming a bright future,” he continued.

Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk admitted to reading and watching videos a lot to better understand the personal background of the characters they starred in. The 27-year-old actor admitted that he got a lot of help to portray the character of Bak Yi Jin, a sports journalist, well through this spectacle.

Twenty Five Twenty One Photo: (doc. Netflix)

“I got acquainted with sports journalists to learn more about the current situation, in order to better portray my character,” he said.

Twenty Five Twenty One also has another strength, namely the coming-of-age theme. The two main characters are described as growing up in the midst of the impact of the financial crisis that hit Korea.

“This series is set in 1998 when there was a financial crisis in Korea, so this young character has lost his dream but continues to look for ways to move forward,” said director Jung Jeehyun.

Often they are also dealing with the emotional turmoil you can feel when you watch this series.”

Twenty Five Twenty One premieres on Netflix starting February 12.

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