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Kim Seon Ho Called To Reject All Acting Projects in 2022

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The controversy involving Kim Seon Ho in 2021 had an impact on his career. The actor is said to be no longer accepting acting projects for 2022.

Reported by a number of South Korean media, Kim Seon Ho canceled and rejected all projects in 2022 other than the film Sad Tropics. The film was the last project that Kim Seon Ho received in 2021, and made it his first major role in a film.

Sad Tropics tells the story of a man who has a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He dreams of becoming a boxer and comes to Korea to find his father who has abandoned him and meets a bad person.

Sad Tropics has started filming since December 2021. So if Kim Seon Ho chooses to resign, it will be detrimental to the production side.

So, the actor still agreed to star in the film. Kim Seon Ho is also still accepting requests to do a number of promotions for the film Sad Tropics.

Not only refusing acting projects, Kim Seon Ho is also said to have not accepted endorsement requests to fan meetings. However, until this news was revealed, the management still has not said anything related to this news.

Previously, Kim Seon Ho was involved in a controversy after a woman who claimed to be her ex-lover said that the actor forced her to have an abortion. Initially, the public strongly criticized the actor, causing him to lose a number of collaborations with the brand.

However, the South Korean public’s alignment with Kim Seon Ho’s case changed after Dispatch released new findings behind the ex-lover’s accusation of forced abortion. Dispatch explained the beginning of their meeting, until the last conversation about child abortion.

On July 24, 2021, her ex-boyfriend found out she was pregnant. He then called Kim Seon Ho while crying.

According to one of Kim Seon Ho’s friends with the initial B, Kim Seon Ho said at that time that his ex-lover didn’t need to cry. Even he called the pregnancy a blessing.

This is contrary to the statement of her ex-lover who said Kim Seon Ho forced her to have an abortion.

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