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Kim Mi Soo Said to Have Finished Filming Snowdrop Before He Died

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Sad news came back from the Korean entertainment world for the death of Kim Mi Soo. This news was delivered directly by Landscape Entertainment as the agency of the actress.

Kim Mi Soo passed away on January 5 and there is no clear reason for his death. Died at the age of 31, he played a charismatic figure in the Korean drama Snowdrop.

The deceased is said to have finished filming before he died. Here are a series of facts about Kim Mi Soo’s role in the drama Snowdrop. Come on, see!

1. Acting as a Student

Kim Mi Soo plays Yeo Jung Min, a fourth year history student. He is also one of the residents of dormitory No. 207 at Hosu Women’s University and room with Young Ro (Jisoo).

Jung Min always appears in tracksuits, thick glasses, and sandals no matter what season of the year it is. Instead of thinking about dating or how she looks, she worries more about how to make the world a better place.

2. Have Strong Chemistry with Other Players

Besides Kim Mi Soo and Jisoo, there are Jung Shin Hye and Choi Hee Jin who also occupy room No. 207 in the campus dormitory. The four actresses met before filming and gathered during rehearsals to perfect their chemistry and friendship.

This can be seen in the initial episode where they are busy partying in their room without feeling awkward and like close friends.

3. Completed All Filming of His Role in Snowdrop

Although this drama is still airing on JTBC and Disney+, it is known that Kim Mi Soo has completed the entire filming process for the drama Snowdrop.

4. Kim Mi Soo’s Last Acting in Acting World

Having completed all the filming processes, Snowdrop is Kim Mi Soo’s last drama project in the acting world. Even so, there was news that Mi Soo would also be filming the latest Disney+ drama Kiss Sixth Sense.

The drama, starring Seo Ji Hye and Yoon Kye Sang, is scheduled to air this year. Until now there has been no statement from the drama production regarding Kim Mi Soo’s role in the drama.

Watch the video ‘The cause of Kim Mi Soo’s death is still a mystery’:

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