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Keidanren Targets 100 Startup Companies in Japan in the Next 5 Years

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – The Federation of Japanese Economic Organizations or Keidanren announced the target of creating startup companies in Japan to be at least 100 companies in the next 5 years.

“Our proposal is to encourage entrepreneurship and revitalize the Japanese economy. Set a goal to increase the number of entrepreneurs 10 times in the 5 years to 2027, and to create about 100 new “Unicorn” companies with a company valuation of 1 billion dollars (about 116 billion yen) or more in the next 5 years,” said Deputy Chairman of Keidanren Tomoko Namba, Friday (11/3/2022).

Tomoko Namba asked the government to create a “startup agency” that functions as a playmaker to gain support for Keidanren’s efforts.

“I want to create a situation where there will be a succession of winning startups in the world,” he said.

The company intends to create a virtuous cycle that will lead to further challenges by preparing various “exits” such as selling business to large companies.

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Currently in Japan there are only 20 unicorn companies.

Among others, Preferred Networks Co., Ltd. (354.9 billion yen), SmartNews Co., Ltd. (198.1 billion yen), SmartHR, Inc. (173.1 billion yen), TRIPLE-1 Co., Ltd. (164.1 billion yen).

Spiber Inc. (135.1 billion yen), TBM Co., Ltd. (133.6 billion yen), Clean Planet Co., Ltd. (129.9 billion yen).

Liquid Group Co., Ltd. (128.6 billion yen), Mobility Technologies Co., Ltd. (124.4 billion yen), GVE Co., Ltd. (111.7 billion yen), and HIROTSU Bioscience Inc. (102.6 billion yen).

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