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KBS Apologizes for Dead Horse While Filming The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won

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Drama The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won became a controversy after allegedly torturing animals while filming. The Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) recently conducted an investigation and revealed behind-the-scenes videos of episodes that were deemed problematic.

In the episode, Lee Bang Won’s father, Lee Sung Gye, was attacked while riding a horse and fell. In the show, the horse being ridden also seemed to fall quite hard.

After investigation, apparently the scene was shot directly without the help of CGI. KAWA also uploaded evidence showing the dangerous scene.

“We have confirmed the suspicion that the horse was tied with wire, then deliberately tripped by the crew for the sake of the scene in question,” said the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

“Based on the behind-the-scenes video, the horse can be seen curled up on the ground in a position that indicates the possibility of serious physical injury. The scene was shot in such a dangerous manner that a stunt double falling from the horse could also suffer significant injuries.”

KBS, as the TV station that aired the Korean drama The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won finally released a statement. They apologized because the horse in the scene died a week after filming.

“It’s very difficult to shoot a scene of falling from a horse. Horse safety is of course a basic thing, and we also have to consider the safety of the actors and crew filming. Thus, the production staff spent several days preparing everything,” KBS said.

“Regardless of preparation, during filming, an incident occurred when the actor was violently thrown from the horse and the horse’s upper body hit the ground with great force,” he continued.

KBS confirmed that the horse was able to wake up by itself after the incident occurred. However, when the production team checked the condition of the horse again, it turned out that the horse in question was dead.

KBS said, “Because viewers have recently begun to express concern over the horse’s condition, we are re-checking its condition. With great regret, we have to convey that the horse died about a week after filming,” KBS said.

We must take responsibility for this incident. We apologize for not being able to prevent this incident from happening. With this incident, KBS is aware of a problem with the way the horse scene was shot. In order to prevent the same incident from happening again, we will look for other ways to take pictures of those scenes,” he concluded.

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