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Kang Sora Targeted to Play in Can We Be Strangers?

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Kang Sora is reportedly ready to return to the small screen. The actress received an offer to star in the drama Can We Be Strangers?.

Can We Be Strangers? is a Korean drama directed by Son Jae Gon. He last worked with Kang Sora through the film Secret Zoo which was released in 2020.

Regarding this news, PLUM A&C, as Kang Sora’s management, confirmed the news. However, until now there is still no decision whatsoever from the actress.

“Kang Sora received an offer to star in Can We Be Strangers? directed by Son Jae Gon. Currently she is still reviewing the script. There is still no decision whatsoever,” said the management.

Can We Be Strangers? planned to be broadcast via the wavve OTT platform. Until now, it is still unclear when this drama will be ready to air.

Meanwhile, Kang Sora married her non-celebrity lover in August 2020. She gave birth to her first child, a girl, in April 2021.

Since the beginning of a relationship, Kang Sora has never revealed her love affair to the public. So, not many know the identity of the husband.

But reportedly, Kang Sora married a man who works as a pharmacist. Until now, he still has not revealed the face of his husband.

Before getting married, Kang Sora informed the moment of her wedding with a letter uploaded on the fan cafe ‘Bling Bling’.

Since having children, Kang Sora still hasn’t returned to the world of acting.

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