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Kang Dong Won is no longer worshiped, the story of the great-grandfather’s past dims the Korean actor |

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Kang Dong Won is no longer worshiped, the story of the great-grandfather’s past dims the Korean actor

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The career of Kang Dong Won, a senior South Korean actor is fading. Fan sympathy for his figure suddenly changed. What’s the reason?

Kang Dong Won can be said to have entered a row of K-Pop artists who made many people fall in love.

Not only South Koreans themselves, but also Korean Drama fans around the world.


However, the longer Kang Dong Won’s career faded.

One of the reasons for the dimming of Kang Dong Won’s career is this past ‘sin’.

Kang Dong Won once told about his great-grandfather, Lee Jong Man, launched Allkpop, an online media from South Korea, on Saturday (28/8/2021).

Kang Dong Won (

In his 2007 interview with Chosun Ilbo, Kang Dong Won praised his great-grandfather.

“My great-grandfather was a great man. His name is Lee Jong Man.”

“He is the CEO of Daedong Industrial Company,” said Kang Dong Won.

It’s just that after being traced, it turns out that Lee Jong Man is part of Chinilpa.

Chinilpa is a term for Korean people who supported and became Japanese accomplices during the colonial period

At that time, Lee Jong Man was a merchant who supplied the medical needs of the Japanese army when Korea was still part of western Japan.

Therefore, Lee Jong Man, obtained considerable wealth by supporting Japan.

Not only that, there are allegations that his great-grandfather was also a financial supporter for the comfort women’s place.

You need to know, the relationship between South Korea and Japan at that time was very bad.

Korea was part of the Empire of Japan from 1910 to 1945.

During this period, although Japan built roads and communications, Korean people’s lives were very hard.

Therefore, the hatred of South Koreans towards Japan is very great when considering that period of mourning.

Especially for Koreans who are even pro-Japanese, the hatred of South Koreans is getting bigger.

South Koreans have high self-esteem when it comes to nationalism.

So when Kang Dong Won said he was proud of his great-grandfather, of course he immediately received sharp criticism from South Korean netizens.

They even asked the top actor to resign from the world of artistry.

Although in the end Kang Dong Won apologized for his great-grandfather’s mistake, it seems he has not received a positive reaction from netizens.

In South Korea, an artist, actor, or singer must have a clean background.

Once they make a mistake or create a scandal, their career can be ruined.

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