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Jung Hae In is willing to sunbathe to reduce sleep time for snowdrops

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Jung Hae In and Jisoo BLACKPINK admitted to having a fun filming process while working on Snowdrop. However, a number of sacrifices made by the two actors will be able to deepen the character better.

Told by Jung Hae In, he even had to sunbathe to change his skin color. Because according to him, his skin color which is too pale does not match the character Lim Soo Ho is playing.

Jung Hae In said, “You can see my skin tone is getting more and more tan as the episode goes on. So I sunbathe because my pale skin tone doesn’t really suit Soo Ho’s character. It takes a lot of effort,” said Jung Hae In.

“I also learn different kinds of martial arts and local dialects. But most importantly, I exercise a lot. If I have four hours to sleep, I’ll divide it in half. So I’ll sleep for two hours before going to the gym, then use the remaining two hours to sleep before going to the set. I was very disciplined at that time, “he continued.

On the other hand, Jisoo claimed to get strength from the many supports from BLACKPINK members. Even Rose, Jennie, and Lisa specially sent a coffee truck to the set.

“They were too excited to send me a coffee truck to the set. They couldn’t wait to watch and try to be the first to send a coffee truck,” said Jisoo.

“They asked me to give a spoiler that I haven’t told anyone. Of course I didn’t divulge anything. I think the promise they gave was a motivation for me to work harder. I thought, ‘They will watch me!’” concluded Jisoo.

Watch the action of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In at Snowdrop via Disney+ Hotstar.

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