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JOOX Artist of the month of October this time, is there your favourite?

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Celebrating 6 years of supporting the country’s music and entertainment industry, JOOX presents a variety of special entertainment series that users can enjoy throughout the month of October 2021. Entering this new age, JOOX is strengthening its commitment to providing an entertainment experience beyond music, as well as being a collaboration platform for all creative industry players (musicians, artists, content creators, and community) to work.

Since its launch in 2015, JOOX has continued to innovate to create a digital platform that can improve music literacy and connect musicians with music lovers. Entering its 6th year, JOOX has evolved beyond just a music streaming platform, and has become Social & Entertainment Discovery A platform that makes it easy for users to discover and enjoy new things, from music, friends, to new experiences. Supported by several new features, such as JOOX Rooms, JOOX creates an integrated digital ecosystem to support the productivity and work of creative industry players.

Yuanita Agata, Head of Marketing JOOX Indonesia explained, “After 6 years of presence in Indonesia, we are now ready to welcome more users and creators to use JOOX for more than just enjoying music. Currently we have more interactive features, such as ROOMS, BUZZ, Karaoke, Live Streaming, and Radio, which can be used by anyone to discover new things, share interesting things, to connect with fellow users and even idols. In an effort to provide a wider impact, JOOX also allows collaborations that canempower young people to work, realize dreams, and contribute to the development of the creative industry.”

Various Entertainment Through Various Interactive Features

In order to make it easier for users and idols to connect with each other in JOOX, now the latest JOOX Rooms feature is equipped with Fandom Rooms. This special room created for the best artists in Asia will be active 24 hours a day to become basecamp fans to get to know each other, hold a celebration, and even meet their idols.

For this 6 year celebration, JOOX will present “6 Fandom Rooms Special Anniversary” with 6 local champion musicians, including Happy Asmara, Tiara Andini, Hanin, TOOTH, Raisa, and Cinta Laura from 16-21 October. In their respective Fandom Rooms, we can not only meet fellow fans, listen to their songs for 24 hours, but especially for JOOX’s birthday, these idols will be present in Fandom Rooms and do various interactive activities with fans. This JOOX 6th anniversary celebration will also be closed with 3 virtual music concert from Mahalini on October 22, CALEB J on October 23, and French DJ Duo Ofenbach on October 24 only in features JOOX Live.

During the month of October 2021, users can also join Rooms and meet various musicians, content creators, and inspiring communities almost every day, and enjoy playlists “JOOX Best Hits 2015 – 2020”. special, playlists The best song 2021 with the theme “Your Choice of Superstars” can be determined by all users through the features Superstar Fan Pick. In addition, all MRA Group radios can also be listened to via JOOX anytime and from anywhere, without frequency restrictions.

JOOX Artist of The Month October 2021

Not to forget, as a form of commitment in supporting and appreciating local musicians for their contribution to the Indonesian music industry, JOOX announced Mahalini as the JOOX Artist of the Month in October 2021. Mahalini always manages to articulate his emotions and feelings into a song so that each of his works feels very personal and unique. received a warm welcome from the community. As a new musician, his achievements and career development are quite brilliant. For the past three months, Mahalini has been included in the JOOX Top 10 Artist list, and managed to occupy the Top 5 Artist list in September. The singer who graduated from this talent search event also has 55 thousand followers loyal to his JOOX profile page.

Like the previous JOOX Artist of the Month, JOOX will give full support to Mahalini through various collaboration programs such as exclusive song releases, gathering virtual with Mahalini at JOOX ROOMS on October 4 and 25, 2021, music concert on JOOX Live on October 22, 2021, Quick Sing singing competition Mahalini songs on 04-11 October 2021, as well as a collection of Mahalini songs on BEST OF MAHALINI playlist.

As a birthday gift from JOOX for users, there are various JOOX VIP promos, ranging from Buy 1 Get 6, 6 Days Free VIP from 14 – 31 October, to 1 year VIP for loyal users. Don’t miss the excitement of the special series of JOOX 6th anniversary events on the JOOX application via mobile which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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