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JOOX 6 th Anniversary: ​​Presenting SVARA “A Meaningful Journey Behind the Tones”

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After six years of faithfully accompanying music lovers in Indonesia, JOOX has now evolved into Social & Entertainment Discovery Platform that provides experience more than music. Supported by various interactive features, such as ROOMS, Live, and Karaoke, JOOX welcomes more creative people to use JOOX as a place for collaboration to find various things, from music, communities, to new experiences. To celebrate this journey and in the spirit of the Youth Pledge, JOOX together with Laleilmanino, Visinema, Swara Gembira and various art communities present a grand collaboration SVARA “A Meaningful Journey Behind the Sounds”.

JOOX 6 th

“After 6 years of being present in Indonesia, we believe that collaboration is the key in supporting the advancement of Indonesia’s creative industry. Given the need for users to be able to easily enjoy entertainment and connect anytime and anywhere, JOOX is inspired to be a platform that provides experiences beyond music. Along with the increasing consumption of local songs on JOOX which reached 75%, JOOX presents this SVARA grand collaboration which is the beginning of our journey to become a collaborative forum that contributes to supporting the development of the country’s music and creative industries, “said JOOX Indonesia Head of Marketing, Yuanita Agata.

Starting from the same desire between JOOX and Laleilmanino to present a different work in milestones In her new age, this meaningful journey of “SVARA” was initiated to seek inspiration by opening up and finding meaning in everything that is around us. “After 7 years of working and making 100 songs, we want to find musical inspiration and new perspectives. This SVARA collaboration with JOOX invited us to visit several cities in Indonesia and brought us together with many local people and communities who consistently introduce Indonesian culture and traditions to the wider community. The inspiration and messages that we found from the community, music, and culture that we met during this trip, we put it into 4 new JOOX Original songs, “explained Laleilmanino, Music Producer Trio.

To perform the 4 original songs, JOOX and Laleilmanino invited four young Indonesian musicians who have: genre different music, namely Baila Fauri, Diskoria Selekta, HIVI!, and Rizky Febian. The story of the journey to find inspiration and the story behind the 4 original songs is also well documented and described in the form of 5 documentary episodes by Visinema Content.

Visinema as a production house that is a place for young Indonesian talents who want to grow and develop together is represented by Sonny Laksamana as Director of SVARA convey,We are certainly very happy to participate in a collective work which is a grand collaboration of Indonesian creative people. As collaborators, we want to participate in describing and conveying the message and meaning that Lale Ilman Nino and JOOX found in the process of seeking inspiration. Through this documentary, we can all see how the community works according to their hearts and the beauty of Indonesian music and culture.”

To explore local culture and music during the trip, JOOX also involved Swara Gembira who has a mission to revolutionize art and culture so that it is popular with Indonesian young people who are packaged with contemporary concepts. “Indonesia has a unique variety of cultures from each region, ranging from dance, music and other elements that need to be echoed to the younger generation. With the presence of this collaboration, we hope to represent culture in modern works. Of course, this is so that the younger generation will be more proud of the richness of Indonesian traditions,” he explained Oi from Swara Happy.

The entire episode of SVARA’s documentary “A meaningful journey behind the tone” can be immediately watched by all JOOX users on November 5, 2021 through the JOOX Live feature. Meanwhile, 4 JOOX Original SVARA songs will be released regularly every week starting on November 8, 2021 exclusively on the JOOX application.

JOOX Artist of the Month November 2021

Continuing JOOX’s commitment to appreciating musicians for their contributions to the music industry, JOOX is again announcing JOOX Artist of the Month November 2021, namely Laleilmanino. After 7 years of working in the Indonesian music industry, Laleilmanino has always won awards after awards. This trio of producers and songwriters is the figure behind the lineup hits Indonesia topped the charts. This success is also marked by milestones those who have reached 100 songs as producers and songwriters.

In addition to the special SVARA collaboration, JOOX will also provide full support for Laleilmanino to connect with more music lovers in the country through virtual gathering with Laleilmanino at once listening party JOOX Original SVARA song on JOOX ROOMS on tathe 9th, 12th, 19th and 26th of November, Laleilmanino’s Quick Sing singing competition, as well as Laleilmanino’s music concert at JOOX Live at the end of November 2021.

“I represent the team of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, I appreciate JOOX which has been consistent for 6 years in supporting the development of the country’s music industry by providing easy access to local music. The SVARA program is also very interesting because not only entertaining but many messages and meanings conveyed so that we are more proud and grateful for the wealth that is around us, Indonesia. Not to forget, I also want to invite the younger generation and all stakeholders related to continue to support domestic creative industry products, especially Indonesian music, as well as take an active role in efforts to popularize the culture of the archipelago,” said Muhammad Neil El Himan – Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. (cinemas)

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