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James Gunn Reveals Hilarious Gag Reel Clip from Peacemaker

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One of the most interesting and entertaining films and series offerings so far in 2022 is the spin-off series The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker. This series brings back John Cena as the main character and James Gunn behind the camera. Peacemaker season one was probably the funniest television series you’ll ever watch, and now Gunn (via account Twitter personally) released a ten-minute gag reel clip that will keep you entertained again.

As one might imagine from an absurd series like this, this clip is full of forgettable scenes with dialogue, swearing, endless laughter, and other grossly inappropriate things. The entire cast, including Cena, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Steve Agee, and Chukwudi Iwuji, are featured in this clip. Some of the highlights from the reel include Cena unable to control his laughter during Vigilante’s torture scene, Mel Tuck making fun of his dentures, someone pretending to be Eagly on a blue screen set, and Christopher Heyerdahl performing what can only be described as a strange bird call. .

The video also features previously released jokes such as Cena blabbering about a group of names during a rant in Episode 5 that includes the names Stroma and Gunn. However, the funniest thing to come out of this is Cena telling Holland that Smith isn’t a real Peacemaker. Last name. His real last name is “Asshats,” and Peacemaker comes from a descendant of hatmakers who happen to make hats that look like butts. Eventually, Peacemaker recounts his great-grandfather’s journey to changing their surname, and he jokes that he owns a clothing store.

The last-minute clip also includes funnier moments like Peacemaker’s messy helmet and Cena crashing into the camera during his iconic underwear dance from Episode 1. However, you can get a feel for the incredible bond that everyone who makes this incredible series has. Peacemaker blends so many clashing tones so well that in the hands of anyone but Gunn, the series may fail. This series can be successful because of the lineup of a charming and fun cast. This reel only shows what happens when you have the perfect cast and crew working together. Season 1 of Peacemaker is a uniquely magical, funny and euphoric experience and this gag reel makes the wait for Season 2 even more difficult.

The first season saw Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee reprising their roles from The Suicide Squad alongside Cena and introducing Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Robert Patrick to the DCEU. Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the first season himself and directed five episodes. Meanwhile, the other cast members of this series are Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), Annie Chang (Shades of Blue), Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, Supernatural), Elizabeth Faith Ludlow (The Walking Dead), Rizwan Manji (Goliath), Nhut Le ( The Kroll Show) as Judomaster, Aison Araya (Arrow) as Amber, and Lenny Jacobson (Nurse Jackie) as Evan.

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