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Italian League: Secure Capolista, AC Milan’s 3 Key Players in Victory over Napoli

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INDOSPORT.COM – Seeing three AC Milan players who performed brilliantly and became the key to the Rossoneri’s success in winning over Napoli and topping the Italian League standings.

Competing at the San Paolo stadium, the host Napoli got a tough opponent as well as this season’s champion candidate, AC Milan, in the 28th week of the Italian League continued on Monday (07/03/22).

Since the first half began, Napoli immediately took the initiative to attack. Several times the Partenopei launched an attack on the AC Milan defense in the first 10 minutes.

AC Milan was still trying to launch an attack. However, the attack that was launched was still less threatening the Napoli defense.

On the other hand, Napoli made several slick accelerations that made the defense topsy-turvy, especially from the movement of the striker, Victor Osimhen.

While AC Milan rely on the left side in place of Rafael Leao and Theo Hernandez as a source of attack. At the beginning of this first half, the combination of the two could be suppressed well by the Napoli defense.

Despite buying and selling attacks, until the first half ended there were no goals from both teams.

At the beginning of the second half, AC Milan immediately took the initiative to attack. The Rossoneri’s attack initiative also paid off in the 49th minute.

It was Olivier Giroud who managed to score a goal using Davide Calabria’s kick ball. He easily deflected the ball so that David Ospina failed to reach the ball. The score became 1-0 to AC Milan.

After the goal, Napoli had time to try to equalize. But AC Milan’s defense looks more solid and able to withstand attacks from opponents.

Until the final whistle sounded, the 0-1 score for AC Milan’s victory remained, which at the same time made the Rossoneri return to the top of the Italian League standings with a two-point advantage over Inter Milan.

Throughout the 90 minutes of the game, there were at least three AC Milan players who appeared very impressive and even became the key in achieving three points il Diavolo last night.

So who are they? More details below INDOSPORT try to summarize and review:

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