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It only took 99 seconds, Windri Patilima defeated Natalex Munster

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Saturday, 12 February 2022 – 23:29 WIB

VIVA – Windri Patilima shows that he deserves to be the king of the welterweight One Pride Mixed Martial Arts. He showed his skills in a submission duel when he defeated Natalex Munster in the catchweight match at Fight Night 56, Saturday 12 February 2022. Windri only needed 99 seconds to beat his opponent.

The two fighters started the duel slowly. However, not long ago both of them released kicks and then continued down.

Windri quickly found a more favorable mount position. He continued by releasing the americana lock on Alex’s hand.

Unexpectedly, the lock was deep enough. Alex who could not resist chose to tap out.

Windri was declared the winner after only fighting for less than 100 seconds or 99 seconds to be precise in the first round. He will later challenge Iman Lesmana in the match for the welterweight championship belt.

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