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Is Russia’s Military Failing Like Ukraine Says? Former US Officer: We See The Opposite

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KYIV – The war that broke out on Ukrainian soil has entered its 17th day, Saturday (12/3/2022).

Since the Russian military expedition began on Thursday (24/2/2022), Ukrainian cities have been under attack from three directions; air, land and sea.

However, Russian troops have not been able to seize the capital city of Kyiv, as many predict can be done in the near future.

Even in the news released by the international mainstream media, one by one the Russian war machines fell.

From fighter planes, helicopters, to armored vehicles, Ukraine has reportedly destroyed many.

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Putin’s military expedition in Ukraine did not appear to have gone as Moscow had initially hoped.

However, some international experts and observers still believe Russia did not make a blunder as severe as the Western media reports.

As is well known, when the Ukraine war entered its second week on March 4, Russia funneled 95 percent of the weapons accumulated on the border in various directions to force its opponents to submit.

But Ukraine put up a tough fight, preventing the world’s second-largest army from achieving a quick victory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expected Kiev to surrender to Moscow like the Crimean Peninsula, quickly surrendering to Russian forces in 2014.

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