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Is It Dangerous for Children to Swallow Toothpaste When Brushing Teeth?

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Bun, you know no? About 96% of children have the habit of swallowing toothpaste when brushing their teeth. If your baby is one of those, come on immediately stop this habit. Although not always dangerous, in fact there are still bad effects that lurk, you know.

Just like adults, children also need to brush their teeth regularly. Mothers can get used to children to diligently brush their teeth since the child’s first teeth appear, which is around the age of 6 months.

When you start teaching your little one to brush their teeth, you only need to teach them to brush their teeth using a brush and running water, without toothpaste. After turning 18 months old, you can start introducing your child to the use of toothpaste.

However, when your little one has been introduced to toothpaste, keep an eye on the child so that he brushes his teeth properly and doesn’t swallow toothpaste, OK? This is important for you to pay attention to, because toothpaste contains certain substances that may be harmful to your little one’s health.

The Facts Behind Swallowing Toothpaste in Children

One of the active ingredients commonly found in children’s toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride This is believed to be able to help prevent cavities.

Nevertheless, fluoride can cause complaints if swallowed in large quantities or more than 8.4 mg/kg. Complaints arising from swallowing fluoride this is called fluorosis.

fluorosis It can be characterized by discoloration of the teeth or the appearance of white patches on the teeth. This color change can be permanent. In addition, children’s teeth that are still developing can be easily cavities.

Not only has an impact on children’s teeth, often swallowing large amounts of toothpaste can also cause disturbances in the child’s digestive system. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even abdominal pain.

Although it can be dangerous if swallowed, it doesn’t mean you can free your child not to brush their teeth with toothpaste, right. However, brushing your teeth with toothpaste is the best way to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy.

Therefore, make sure you always supervise your child when he brushes his own teeth. In addition, don’t be tired to teach and remind him not to swallow toothpaste and rinse his mouth regularly after brushing his teeth.

If done regularly, over time the child will understand, be adept at brushing his teeth, and not swallow the toothpaste he uses to brush his teeth.

nowThat’s the danger of swallowing toothpaste in children that you need to know. If your child is one of those who have this habit, from now on, remind your little one to stop the habit of swallowing toothpaste, okay?

If you experience difficulties or there are dental health problems in your child, you can ask the doctor directly for an explanation and the right solution.

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