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Iran’s Missile Salvo Destroys Mossad ‘Office’ in Erbil, Israel Is Silent but Reportedly Prepares a Response

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BAGHDAD – Iranian Revolutionary Guards Forces (IRGC) fired a dozen missiles into the Erbil region, Iraq, Sunday (13/3/2022) yesterday.

Dozens of these missiles fell near the US Consulate Building in the city of Erbil, Iraq.

A number of Western media reported various versions of the attack.

Some say the attack was aimed at targeting the US consulate building but missed.

There are also media who wrote that Iran actually wanted to attack Israel directly but the missile missed.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have finally issued an official statement.

The missile salvo they fired early Sunday morning local time targeted the secret office or shadow post of the Mossad intelligence agency in Erbil, Iraq.

This attack razed the building to the ground and killed several Israeli officers.

The attack was an Iranian retaliation after two of their colonels were killed in an Israeli air strike in Syria, some time ago.

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“This attack was in response to an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital Damascus last Monday, in which two IRGC officers were killed,” the IRGC statement said on Sunday (13/3/2022).

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