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#IPMI2017 The Beauty of Beginnings Begins to Create a Playful Fashion Trend

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Still around IPMI 2017 which is being crowded with style connoisseurs. On the third day of IPMI Trend Show 2017, Indonesian designers presented various interesting works inspired by the creation story entitled genesis? Want to know how cool the trend will be in 2017? Listen here.

Yongki Budisutisna, one of the Indonesian fashion designers chose the creation story in the Book of Genesis as his inspiration which was then poured into the technique patchwork and the application of symbols at the beginning of creation.


The collection, named genesis, is dominated by monochrome colors such as white, black, gray, which are combined into a silhouette. outer slime, cullots, up to long dresses and choker necklace accessories are still a trend in 2017 you know, Bela.

#IPMI2017 Early Beauty Begins to Create a Playful Fashion TrendYONGKIBUDIAWAN/Michael Richards/POPBELA.COM

Metallic color with accent details such as snake skin, as well as crop blazer also back in In 2017, it’s not only Bela, the millennium color that translates into silhouette balloon dresses, and symbols galaxy patchwork make every outfit look fun, playful but still looks feminine side.

So that’s the trend prediction for next year, what do you think, Bela? Ready to give it a try?

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