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Interview with Peter Ho, director of the HBO Asia Original series ‘Who’s By Your Side

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HBO Asia Original Series Who’s By Your Side has been airing since October 3, 2021, exclusively on HBO GO and HBO.

This time Cinemags, represented by Nuty Laraswaty, had the opportunity to conduct an online interview with Peter Ho, the director and writer, and the following is a summary.

Peter Ho can be said to be a figure who is highly respected by the film industry because of his abilities as a director, actor, singer and also as a model. Lots of involvement in film scenes as cameos and box office films

Q: Can you tell us about the process of selecting the cast in the Who’s By Your Side series?

Peter : I’ve known them for a long time, but have never worked together like through this series. I invited them because I wanted to give them a different role from the ones they used to play, which of course was a new challenge.

Q: Can you tell us about the process of writing the script until it became this series?

Peter :

The making of this series can be said to be very rough because it has to adjust to the availability of the players’ time, and it’s all in a period of approximately 4 months. However, during the shooting process, at that time the pandemic hit, so there were a lot of changes from the script that had been written, because it had to adapt to conditions on the ground.

Things like this do cause stress, but fortunately Chiang Yu-Chu is very helpful in anticipating these changes, and for sure every time after the count is finished, he feels very tired.

Q: There are so many films about family dramas, what makes this series different?

Peter : The director has his own point of view, which elements he wants to convey to the audience. Jada in a family drama that carries a sense of love and also relationships between humans, he includes certain elements that create a sense of horror for those who watch it.

But in the end it will bring the audience back to reflect on the plot of this series in their lives.

Who's By Your Side

This film basically tells how miscommunication in delivery can have a chain effect for subsequent actions in the future.

It can be watched every week for series lovers from Taiwan, especially for Peter Ho fans.

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