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Internet Network Limited, Twitter Difficult to Access in Russia |

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The Twitter logo taken outside the Twitter Parent Company in San Francisco
The Twitter logo taken outside the Twitter Parent Company in San Francisco

Jakarta – The social media platform, Twitter, announced that some of its users in Russia will have difficulty accessing it.

The news was also confirmed by the results of the internet blocking observatory NetBlocks which found that access to the Twitter website and service had been restricted by a leading network in Russia.

Reporting Reuters, Monday (28/2), a reporter in Moscow also said he had difficulty sending tweets and accessing the site.

Twitter also issued a follow-up statement that it would work to keep their service safe and accessible.

However, the technology company did not answer the question of whether or not there had been communication with the Russian side after the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has been trying to exert tighter control over the internet and big tech companies for years.

Critics say the move threatens individual and corporate freedoms.

However, it seems that the criticism was not responded to and the regulation is still being tried to be implemented.

For example, in 2021, Moscow slowed down Twitter’s pace of sanctions because the site was deemed not to remove illegal content.

Regarding internet access and virtual space in Russia, several services, such as internet access and social media platforms, were confirmed to experience disruptions a day after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

Some of the discontinued and suspended digital platforms include access to Google services such as YouTube and Google Maps. Ant/Ner

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