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Interesting Facts about the MotoGP Version of the Mandalika Circuit

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Thursday, 10 February 2022 – 17:25 WIB

VIVA – The Mandalika Circuit is in the spotlight. Because, there will be a pre-season test conducted by MotoGP racers there starting Friday, February 11, 2022.

Marc Marquez and his friends will try out the taste of paving at the Mandalika Circuit. Because in March 2022, they will go down in MotoGP Indonesia.

The official MotoGP Twitter reveals some interesting facts about the Mandalika Circuit. Starting from the characteristics of the track to the record time.

The Mandalika Circuit has a length of 4.3 kilometers. Where there are 17 corners, namely six to the left and 11 to the right. While the longest straight track reaches 507 meters.

Before MotoGP, the World Superbike (WSBK) was first held at the Mandalika Circuit. The fastest record in one lap was recorded at 1 minute 32.877 seconds.

“This will be a big test for the eyes of the riders and also the engine. A track that has fast corners and flows,” was quoted from the official MotoGP Twitter.

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