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Infinite Review – Cinemags

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What would happen, if a person continuously experienced reincarnation? How is his response, when he realizes this repetition is happening is to face someone who also experienced the same thing, but decided to end this for good, which means the end of the world.

This interesting premise is conveyed in the film Infinite, which is a film adaptation of the novel entitled The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz

Here is the sneak peak, which depicts a place in Indonesia

This film does contain many spectacular action scenes, which if shown and watched on the big screen, will be an enjoyable experience.

The storyline is simple and easy to follow, making it a spectacle that can be enjoyed without much thought, but still leaves some plot holes

But it’s of course the closing scene, as in the trailer above, that stands out. To make the audience speculate, if only there was a sequel. Will the shooting process be in Indonesia?

But back to the storyline adapted from this book. While watching this film, the question arises, why would anyone feel tired in this condition?

Why Bathurs (played by Chiwetei Ejiofor) , want to end this world, while others are comfortable?

Did he have a bad experience, which made him depressed and no longer wanted to be reincarnated?

This is not noticed and displayed clearly for the audience, thus making a lot of confusion about his motivation.

In stark contrast to the explanation and reason why it took Evan McCauley aka Treadway (played by Mark Wahlberg) a long time to remember his true identity in the past.

New face of Treadway, with location Jakarta – Indonesia

For those who want to watch the Infinite movie, you can still watch it on Mola

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