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Indonesian MotoGP Schedule Postponed?

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Thursday, February 17, 2022 – 00:02 WIB

VIVA – The MotoGP pre-season test at the Mandalika Circuit brings MotoGP back to Indonesia for the first time after a 25-year absence.

The three-day test is an important part for the team and riders in developing their mounts and gaining experience at the new circuit before undergoing the Indonesian MotoGP in March.

The riders and teams liked the layout and design of the 4.3km circuit, as well as the safety standards, including the runoff area, very wide gravel.

However, they also complained about the condition of the track being dirty, dusty and even the number of small stones on the track.

British media, The Race, reported that the track at the Mandalika circuit could potentially be re-paved. The reason is, the riders complain about the asphalt track that is easily peeled off.

MotoGP Indonesia Postponed?

The Race also reported that the idea of ​​re-paving the Mandalika Circuit began to be considered. However, it is certainly impossible to do in the near future, considering that the MotoGP racing week will be held on March 18-20.

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