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Indonesian MMA Fighter’s Deadly Boxing Makes China Gaze

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Thursday, 10 February 2022 – 07:56 WIB

VIVA – A Mixed Martial Arts fighter from Indonesia, Eko Roni Saputra, made the MMA world flabbergasted by his ability above the octagon.

He once threw a lightning punch and won by KO in just 10 seconds. The victim was a Chinese fighter named Liu Peng Shuai.

Yes, the duel was held at the ONE Championship flyweight event on August 13, 2021. Instead of going tight, it turns out that the fight between the two looks one-sided. Liu had time to put pressure through a combination punch to the face from Eko. But the punch didn’t mean anything, Eko easily dodged it.

Until finally, Eko took turns threatening. One hit hit Liu in the face causing him to lose his balance. Dynamit, Eko’s nickname, puts the moment to good use. The combination blow blindly was directly given without mercy.

Liu was helpless and suddenly his body touched the canvas and the duel was finally stopped by the referee and declared Eko the winner. Eko wins by KO.

Furthermore, as reported by the One website, Eko’s victory at that time became a historic victory at ONE Championship. As well as being the fastest flyweight win, this lightning win was also ONE Championship’s best win in the last three months (July-September) 2021.

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