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Indonesian boxers have experienced the ferocity of Pacquiao’s boxing

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Saturday, February 5, 2022 – 00:04 WIB

VIVA – Connoisseurs of world boxing will know a well-known name from the Philippines. Yes, he is Emmanuel Dapidra Pacquiao or commonly called Manny Pacquiao who has extraordinary charm when in the ring. Agile movements to lightning strikes become a magnet to amaze people.

Pacquiao was born in Kibawei Philippines in 1978, Pacman, as he is said to have started his career as a boxer with a winding road until finally achievement after achievement was obtained until finally he became the first boxer from the Asian continent to successfully pocket professional boxing titles in 8 different classes.

But who would have thought that there were boxers from Indonesia who had tasted the quality of Pacquiao. Who’s he?

History records that Ippo Gala is the only boxer in the country who faced Pacquiao. The non-super flyweight title duel took place in July 1996 at Mandaluyong City Sports Complex, Philippines.

At that time, Ippo was 28 years old while Pacman was 17 years 223 days. Pacquiao’s agile movements and hard punches are the right moves to beat Ippo.

In the first round, Ippo was already overwhelmed with Pacman. Blow after blow was given, Ippo himself defended more and tried to find an opening to attack.

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