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Indonesia Releases from WADA Sanctions, Menpora: Task Force Not Completed

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Friday, February 4, 2022 – 21:28 WIB

VIVA – The Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, emphasized that the task of the WADA Sanctions Acceleration Settlement Task Force led by Raja Sapta Oktohari had not yet been completed. This is because WADA is still monitoring the progress of IADO for the next three months.

Indonesia was declared free from WADA sanctions in early February. The good news was conveyed by WADA Director General Olivier Niggli via email on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, Montreal time or Thursday WIB.

The letter states that IADO has been removed from the list of non-compliant (non-compliant) to the WADA Code. This decision is determined by a vote by the WADA Executive Committee.

Menpora Zainudin Amali (right) with Raja Sapta Oktohari and Mustafa Fauzi

The news was clearly greeted with joy by all parties, including the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Even so, Zainudin Amali stated that the task of King Sapta Oktohari cs had not been completed.

Because, there is an investigation process that needs to be explored so that problems like this don’t happen again in the future.

“Thank you for the hard work of the Task Force because sanctions can be accelerated within 3.5 months. The President’s instructions to me are to improve communication, fulfill all WADA requests, investigate why sanctions can occur and announce to the public. So Pak Okto’s job as the Chair of the Task Force It’s not finished yet,” said Menpora Amali at a press conference at the Wisma Kemenpora, Friday, February 4, 2022.

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