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India Accidentally Fires Missiles at Pakistan, Allegedly Due to a Technical Error

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – India accidentally fired a missile at Pakistan, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

Authorities claim the incident occurred due to a technical malfunction during routine maintenance.

Reported by the BBC, the Indian side said this incident was very regrettable. They said they were relieved because no one was killed in the incident.

“On 9 March 2022, during routine maintenance, a technical fault caused a missile to be fired accidentally,” the Indian Ministry of Defense said in a statement, quoted by from Indiatoday.

“The Indian government is taking a serious stance and ordering an investigation,” the statement added.

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Indian Border Security Force personnel (brown uniforms) and Pakistani Rangers (black uniforms) take part in a repulsion ceremony at the Wagah India-Pakistan border post, about 35 km from Amritsar on March 9, 2022.

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Meanwhile, the Pakistani military said an object was flying at high speed.

The object fell near the eastern city of Mian Channu and its flight path jeopardized passenger flights.

To note, both countries have nuclear weapons.

Islamabad warned Delhi to be aware of the unpleasant consequences of the omission.

Pakistan also appealed to India to avoid similar events in the future.

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