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In addition to making it difficult to sleep at night, here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t drink coffee in the afternoon

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For some people, coffee selected as a drink that must be consumed before starting the activity. Coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine are known to increase blood pressure moodmetabolism, and increase energy so that you are more productive when doing activities.

However, consuming too much of it or choosing the wrong time to drink coffee can have a negative impact on our bodies. For example, towards the end of the day, we definitely start to feel weak and sleepy, so some people choose to drink coffee to restore energy.

Unfortunately, drinking coffee in the afternoon is not good for the body because it has a negative impact, including the following:

1. Make Restless

Making Restless/Photo : Summer

If consumed in the afternoon, the caffeine in coffee makes us more awake and energized, so we can feel restless, nervous, or heart palpitating. This is as reported by the Live Strong page.

The feeling of nervousness or restlessness that is felt also indicates that the body accepts too much caffeine intake that is consumed in one day, Beauties.

2. It becomes harder to sleep

Becoming More Difficult to Sleep
Getting More Difficult to Sleep/Photo :

Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic page, the effects of caffeine from coffee can be felt by the body within 15 minutes. Once consumed, caffeine will last in the body for approximately 6 to 8 hours.

Therefore, drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening will make it difficult for you to sleep because the effects of caffeine still persist in the body. It takes about 10 hours for the body to clear caffeine from the bloodstream.

3. Night sweats

Night sweats
Night Sweats/Photo : Lach

In addition to anxiety factors or taking certain drugs, night sweats can also be caused by consuming too much caffeine during the day. Especially for women who have menopause You should reduce your daily caffeine intake.

This is because in women who have menopauseHowever, caffeine can worsen the symptoms you are currently experiencing, including night sweats that interfere with sleep quality. That’s what was reported on the Eat This page.

4. Urinate more often

Urinating More Often
Urinating More Often/Photo : Shimazaki

Caffeine in coffee has a mild diuretic effect, which means it can increase the body’s need to urinate more often. A study in Psychology and Aging in 2014 explained, urinating too often at night will interfere with sleep quality and interfere with productivity during the day.

5. Easily Tired during the Day

Easily Tired during the Day
Easily Tired during the Day/Photo : Lach

The effects of drinking coffee in the afternoon cause the body to become restless, sweat easily, urinate frequently, which causes the quality of sleep at night to be messy. Poor sleep quality will cause the body not to get enough rest so that during the day it becomes easily tired or difficult to concentrate, Beauties.

American Academy of Sleep Medicinerevealed, teenagers who consume coffee at night tend to suffer from fatigue when doing activities, thinking becomes sluggish, and changes mood uncertain. That’s what was reported from the Health Fully page.

6. Disrupts the Body’s Natural Rhythm

Disrupting the Body's Natural Rhythm
Disrupting the Body’s Natural Rhythm/Photo : Samkov

Caffeine will stimulate the central nervous system in the body to be more awake and consuming it in the afternoon can interfere with the number of hours of sleep needed by the body.

Journal published by Science Translational Medicine in 2015, explained that drinking coffee 3 hours before bedtime can delay a person’s circadian rhythm by about 40 minutes and potentially make it difficult to wake up in the morning.

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