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Iko Uwais Beats Jason Statham in BTS Photo The Expendables 4

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Jason Statham beaten up by Iko Uwais in a behind-the-scenes scene from a film project The Expendables 4. This was seen in a personal Instagram post from Statham recently. Over the past weekend, the actor shared several photos of himself and Iko Uwais, facing each other in the film.

The first photo shows Iko Uwais with furrowed brows, clutching Statham’s collar with Statham looking directly at the camera with a worried expression on his face. The next two photos show the two action actors showing off each other’s styles. The next image shows us his second fight with Iko which overwhelms Statham by suffocating him by the neck. Next, we take a look at the pictures from another interesting fight scene between this couple. In fact, the first one looks almost like a training run based on the look behind Uwais’ eyes. In one of the fight scenes, Iko is seen giving a very strong kick to Statham’s face. In the last two photos, the actors pose together and smile at each other, as well as for the camera with guns ready for whatever high-stakes scene is next.

The new cast in the Expendables franchise seems to be working hard to deliver the high-performance action film fans have come to expect. Last month, the main star of this franchise. Film Expendables This new one will be directed by Scott Waugh, who directed Act of Valor in 2012 and Need for Speed in 2014. Production for the new Expendables project is slated to begin in October with a screenplay written by Spenser Cohen with revisions by Max Adams and John Joseph Connolly.

Announced in August, the film will pass the baton from Stallone’s Barney Ross to Statham’s Lee Christmas, who will play the film’s main protagonist, with Fox as his female counterpart. But the inclusion of Iko Uwais should be an important addition and he’s unlikely to have any trouble fitting in in this explosive and action-packed story. Iko himself is rumored to be playing a former military officer with his own army involved in the arms trade, which the veteran mercenary group clearly wants to end.

As for why many key cast members from the previous films are missing, it could be because this next film will be more of a spin-off than a direct sequel. In an Instagram post earlier this month, Stallone called the project a “spin-off” with the tentative title Christmas Story. That fact seems to suggest that Statham’s character will be in a central role, although some familiar faces will still return. Previous films in the series have featured big names like Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Wesley Snipes, and many more.

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