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HTC will release a premium phone that focuses on the metaverse

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HTC was a big phone manufacturer a few years ago. Now they’re back with a premium phone with a focus on the metaverse.

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC, once a leading brand in the premium mobile phone industry, plans to revive the industry. According to a recent statement by HTC’s general manager for the Asia-Pacific region, HTC is planning to launch a new high-end phone in April. This device will reportedly also have features that support metaverse.

For your information, HTC has limited itself to serving only a few markets with mobile phones low-end since the last four years when it sold most of its mobile development department to Google. Reported from Gizmochina (3/3), this will be the first high-end phone in several years.

According to Charles Huang, the person who manages the Asian market for HTC, the company is planning to integrate certain metaverse features in its new phones that are being introduced. It aims to attract customers who want to use it for VR and AR applications.

Huang again denied the exit of HTC from the mobile market. However, it does not explain further the specifications of this new device. According to co-founder and now CEO Cher Wang, HTC plans to continue investing in virtual reality products on a large scale. Currently, according to Wang, companies have focused on the B2B sector as they seek to open up the enterprise market with meeting, conference and shopping solutions.

It remains unclear whether this new phone from HTC will really be a high-end device or will it launch in the global market as well. But one thing is clear that HTC’s new phones will come with support for the metaverse.

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