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How to Reduce Photo Size in Windows 11

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How to reduce photo size in Windows 11 can be done through Microsoft Power Toys software. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – How to reduce photo size in Windows 11 is very easy. In fact, it can be done on several photos at once.

The easiest way to reduce photo size in Windows 11 is to use the Photo or Paint application available in Windows 11. No need to install any software anymore.

However, if you have to reduce the size of several or even many photos at once, using the Photo and Paint applications becomes impractical.

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The solution, Microsoft actually already has a utility tool that can be downloaded for free and installed for free too. His name, Microsoft Power Toys. Well, here’s how:

1. Search for Power Toys on Google or Microsoft Store.

2. Download PowerToys.

3. Open the Power Toys application.

4. Go to the folder where all the photos you want to resize are stored. Click “select all”. Click “right click”.

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