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How to Make Strikethrough Posts on Instagram, Really Easy!

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How to write crossed out on Instagram, you only need to copy and paste it. Photo: screenshot

JAKARTA – How to write crossed out on Instagram is very easy. Only, maybe many do not know it.

Some Instagram users consider captions written in bold, italics, or even crossed out as something cool and different. Turns out, it’s very easy.

Well, there are two ways to choose. Both are easy too. Here are the details:


The first way to write crossed out on Instagram is using First of all, not the site in the browser. Can be on a cellphone or laptop. After that, type the text you want to bold, italicize, or strike out in the provided column.

After that, scroll to the bottom. You will find the result of the post you want to change. There are many writing styles to choose from. Now, after finding the right one, just copy and paste it in the Instagram caption or bio. It’s easy!

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Another way that can be used is to use the Renotes service. Just like, Renotes can also be used on PC or smartphone devices. The method:

1. Open the Renotes site in a browser. In the input box or field, enter the text you want to change.
2. After that, look for the text that has been crossed out. Then copy the text to the clipboard.
3. Open the Instagram application on a mobile device and paste the previously copied text into the description field of the upload, comment or profile information on Instagram.


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